Thursday, March 30, 2006

That very first post was rather pathetic, wasn't it? After all, blogs nowadays are supposed to be as common and ubiquitous as cow dung in a green pasture, and getting to post one is not exactly cause for celebration, right?

Wrong. Finally posting a blog is a big deal. At least for someone who, for the past two weeks, has been employed as a blogger but has yet to post one, single, LIVE blog.

I've been writing all my life. But when I heard I was being considered for doing blogwork, I felt a chill run down my spine. Me, an old-fashioned writer, a blogger? What the heck is a blogger in the first place?

Now, before you think I'm a total Internet doofus, I do know what blogging is. Isn't that what's killing our rainforests? Just kidding. What I know about blogs is that they're basically journals that just about anyone with an Internet connection could read online. Did I get that right?

I was fine with the writing part, but then a friend told me about some of the technical whatchamacallits I would need to know about if I were to do a halfway decent blogging job. HTML. URLs. SEO. CSS. Software from another galaxy. My friend was talking to me in the vernacular, but she might as well have spoken Swahili and I still wouldn't know the difference.

But whaddaya know, I still took the job. No guts, no glory.

It's been more than two weeks, and like I've said five paragraphs ago, I still haven't posted a single blog entry. Sure, I've written a number of articles for the blog, but God only knows when they'll get to see the online light of day.

I'm not complaining though.

At least I'm getting lots of practice. Just like this blog.

I know the template looks boring. I haven't even put in a profile. But I promise that as my blogging life progresses, so will the blog itself. And maybe I'll come up with a better blog name by then.
Finally, a blog of my own!